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40″ Mild Hyperbaric Chamber


The 42 Mild Hyperbaric Chamber by Newtowne sets new standards for mild hyperbaric chambers.

The advanced materials and next generation design make this 42 Mild Hyperbaric Chamber the safest and most user friendly Class 4 single bag, mild hyperbaric chamber available. Prescription Required 2 Year Warranty Available Training Available
  • NO Belts or Buckles
  • Exterior STEEL Frame on All Sizes
  • Exclusive dual safety zippers with a custom airtight zipper for a triple zipper entry system
  • Custom Zipper requires No lubrication
  • No need for stabilizers
  • Hard Port Covers standard
  • 2 year warranty - all parts. Extended Warranty Available
  • Position as a Side or Top entry: provides the option to step-in as well as crawling in the side
  • FREE SHIPPING with purchase - Shipping NOT INCLUDED WITH RENTAL, 40" or Walk In Chamber