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CRYOair C600


Cryoair C600

Electric Localized Cryo

Mobile and safe. Cryoair cold air therapy devices.

The Cryoair C600 can treat specifically where it hurts.

The Cryoair cold air therapy devices were developed for local therapy. They are safe and easy to use. 

CryoKnight HL


Cryoknight HL Localized Cryotherapy Machine

This one of the most affordable nitrogen gas localized cryotherap machines in the market.

This unit is perfect for localized cooling at only the treatment area.  This unit will add versatility and effective treatment to any business.

CryoKnight LX

The CryoKnight cryotherapy machine is a CryoStimulation™ unit for the purposeful localized stimulation of the given part of the body or area of the skin.

CryoKnight PT


CryoKnight  PT Localized Cryotherapy

The Cryoknight PT is priced to sell. Its simplicity to use perfect for localized cooling versatility and effective treatment Up to 40 used in one tank