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34″ Flexi Lite Used Hyperbaric Chamber


Used 34" Hyperbaric Chamber Flexi-Lite

The Best of the Best in Hyperbaric Chambers

Looking for higher pressure hyperbaric chamber look no further.  Comes with one year warranty!  Brand new inner bag and completely refurbished.   The Pressure Tech Flexi-Lite 32″ USED Hyperbaric Chamber factory refurbished with one year warranty.

Cryo Innovations XL Chamber

The XR Cryo Chamber is a full body cryotherapy chamber is the safest, most advanced, and profitable cryotherapy chamber on the market,  combining bio-metrics, thermal imaging and safety features for client safety. That way you can be hands-off  and focus on volume while the cryotherapy machine pay for itself.

Cryo One


With whole-body cryotherapy becoming increasingly popular in the health, sport and wellness sector, a cryotherapy machine is a business investment that will quickly pay for itself.


Cryo One +

With whole-body cryotherapy booming in the health, sport and wellness sector, the Cryo One Cryosauna is a business investment that will quickly pay for itself. It’s so effective and cost-attractive that you can recoup your outlay in about two years.


CRYOair C600


Cryoair C600

Electric Localized Cryo

Mobile and safe. Cryoair cold air therapy devices.

The Cryoair C600 can treat specifically where it hurts.

The Cryoair cold air therapy devices were developed for local therapy. They are safe and easy to use. 

Cryoexcel Cryo-XL Cryochamber

The CryoXcel Cryochamber next generation cool-air design features unique release valves and our patent pending CryoFlow air circulators that insure even and safe distribution across the entire body. Download Product Features (PDF)

M-Cryo Elite Cryogenic Sauna

Customization options of size, interior and exterior, as well as financing options allow for finding the best cryosauna for any healthcare facility, chiropractic office, training room, or even for private use! This sauna is perfect for home or office use in a health care clinic.

M-Cryo Trekker

All M-Cryo models are designed for reliability, durability, serviceability and efficiency. They are easy to install and maintain, quiet, economical, and suitable for slow, as well as high volume operations.

USED 32″ Hyperbaric Chamber

The Flexi-Lite 32 USED Hyperbaric Chamber is the best built chamber on the market in its class and built to last a lifetime. The Flexi-Lite 32 USED Hyperbaric Chamber is designed for and tested at higher pressures and unequaled in strength, safety, and durability.

USED 34″ Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

The Pressure Tech flexi-lite 34 USED hyperbaric chamber factory refurbished with one year warranty. System is comprised of the following items: ***Brand New 1.5 ATA rated inner bag. • FLV23-CX Flexi-LiteTM Hyperbaric Chamber • 25-PT-220v 220V Pure Air 5 Compressor.

USED M-Cryo Cryogenic Sauna

This M-Cryo Ultimate is a 2019 Showroom model that has only been used a few times.  This M-Cryo Ultimate Elite has been fully inspected and re-certified by the USA manufacture and comes with a full 2 year warranty.  You will not find a more affordable cryo sauna than this.

USED Titan Cryo

USED Titan Cryo Sauna Fully Automated Session Controls Regulated Intake Controls Balanced Cabin Temperature Enclosed Telescoping Lift Minimal LN2 Consumption Easy Access Swivel Mounted Controls Thermal Imaging Camera with 10″ Display Automated Session Times: 90 to 180 seconds Balanced Cabin Temperature Auto Adjusting Client Height Remote Diagnostics